Mackinac Bridge Resurfacing

If you’re driving downstate in the next few months, your trip down from the U.P. will be a bit slower than usual.

Starting Monday, the Mackinac Bridge’s southbound side is being resurfaced.

You can still go south, but you’ll have to do it in what’s usually 1 of the northbound lanes.

Passing is banned, and wide loads will only be able to cross for an hour a day in the early morning.

The work should wrap up by mid-June, and it’s a companion project to the northbound side being resurfaced last year.

Traffic on the bridge is also down.

The most recent figures they have are from February.

Total traffic that month was down 1.9% from February 2008, and recreational vehicle traffic was down a whopping 28%.

The work should keep the bridge drivable until the deck is replaced, which will need to happen within the next 8 years.