Plan Forming for Heartwood Forestland

4 years after the city of Marquette bought the Heartwood Forestland property, a city committee is finally looking into what can be done with the land.

Some of the property lies within the city and some is in Marquette Township, but most of it is within Sands Township.

The Heartwood Forestland Committee decided its first step is to carve out the areas where streams flow through the land.

Then they’ll look at the areas with trails.

After deciding on stream and trail areas, they’ll look at what parts of the land might be developable.

They have a year at the most to come up with a plan to bring to the city.

Committee member Bob Cambensy says while it may have been a good idea to get this work going a long time ago, he’s glad the group is working on it now.

The committee’s next meeting is at the end of the month.

The city bought the land for $5 million in 2005.