North Star May Vote Tonight on Expansion

By the end of the night, we may know whether or not North Star Academy will open its doors to younger students.

North Star is a public charter school in Marquette Township that already has 6th-through-12th-graders.

Tonight, the school’s board of directors may vote to start plans for adding an elementary school as well.

Since the idea came up, the school’s been working with the public and trying to find new funding sources.

North Star CEO Karen Anderson says there’s been an overwhelming response from parents of potential elementary-age students.

If the board decides to go forward with the expansion, they’ll ask NMU to expand North Star’s charter so that it includes K-through-5 students.

The meeting is going on right now at North Star Academy.

Anyone interested can come.

UGN News will be there, and we’ll have more about it tonight on the UGN News at 10 over on CW 5, as well as on our Late News at 11.