Police Opposed to Longer Bar Hours

With Michigan’s $1.4 billion deficit, one of the ways Governor Jennifer Granholm has proposed to add revenue would be allowing bars to stay open and serve liquor until 4am.

The proposal is part of the $230 million dollars in added revenue she’s proposed to balance the budget for this October.

Although this could generate more money not just for the state but for bar owners, some, like Sgt. Mike Laurila of the Marquette Police, say it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

With the possibility of more alcohol-related incidents occuring after the extended curfew, budget problems could arise.

Sgt. Laurila says that’s because more officers would need to be on duty after 2am, when the afternoon shift ends.

Extended liquor sales hours at bars have been considered in the past, but this is the first time a Michigan governor has actually proposed pushing them to 4am.

The governor’s recommendations for closing the deficit include $670 milliom in spending cuts, $500 million in economic recovery dollars and the $230 million in additional revenue mentioned earlier.