Infusion of More Late-Week Snow

As all of us have stepped outside today, the conditions have proven less than favorable.

Just as it was a week or so ago, M-28 is shut down from Kawbawgam Road in Harvey to West Shore Drive in Munising.

Many school districts across the region shut down for the day.

And the snow’s not done falling yet, with 3 to 4 more inches expected east of Marquette this weekend.

1 to 2 inches are looking likely elsewhere.

But we still have a long way to go if we’re going to smash the record snowfall total for a season — well over 100 more inches.

Many of us can remember previous winters when March brought in a huge amount of snow.

But National Weather Service meterologist David Pearson says anything can happen.

The kind of snow system we’re experiencing now generally brings heavier, wetter snow that can raise flooding concerns in the spring.

But the U.P.’s snowfall this winter has mainly been more from the lake, which isn’t much of a flooding concern.