Gas Prices On the Way Back Up

The poor road conditions due to heavy snowfall isn’t the only reason drivers have to stay off the roads.

Gas prices are spiking recently in Marquette County.

Most gas stations in the city of Marquette are just south of the $2 mark at $1.98 per gallon of regular.

It’s a noticeable jump from earlier this week, when most stations were selling a gallon for $1.91.

Most of the state is still between $1.75 and $1.85, with the statewide average at $1.83.

Marquette, whose average price is back exactly to where it was a month ago, has the highest average price in the state.

This is quite a shift from recent trends.

On Monday, the average statewide price was 11 cents less than it had been a week earlier.

All of these numbers are courtesy of the website,