West Branch Township Asks for More ‘W’ Help

An area community is asking for more help to pay off a loan for one of the remnants of K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base.

It’s the South County Community Center.

West Branch Township no longer runs the ‘W’.

But the township still owns it and leases the facility to KISCA, the K.I. Sawyer Community Association.

Township officials have asked for a change to the loan the county made on the sale of the ‘W’.

Marquette County Board member Bob Struck says the township is asking the county to reduce the interest rate on the loan from 5% to 2%.

It would save the township tens of thousands of dollars over the term of the loan, which runs until 2019.

In October, the county board gave West Branch Township a 6-month break on payments of the loan principal.

The township is passing those savings along to KISCA in its lease.

Interest payments are still being collected.

The county board is taking up the idea at their meeting tonight at 6.

UGN News will be there.

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