Humboldt Gears Up For Kennecott Hearing

Western Marquette County residents will get to sound off soon on what they think of 1 aspect of Kennecott’s plans for the Eagle Mine.

Kennecott bought the former Humboldt Mill site a few months back.

They’re planning to use the mill to grind the rocks they extract from the ground to get copper and nickel ore out of them.

The Michigan DEQ is conducting a public forum and question-and-answer session a week from Wednesday to hear what nearby residents think.

Township supervisor Joe Derocha is encouraging anyone living in Humboldt Township to go on the 18th, no matter what they think of the idea.

There are going to be both afternoon and evening meeting periods, starting at 1pm, so no one’s work schedule will keep them from being able to attend.

Anyone who wants to look over Kennecott’s applications for re-opening the mill can find them at the township hall.