Murder Suspect Shooting Found Justified

The state trooper who shot and killed a murder suspect in Baraga County 2 weeks ago was justified in shooting him.

That’s according to County Prosecutor Joseph O’ Leary.

He issued a written legal opinion about the case this morning.

The report says Trooper Robert Carter of the L’Anse post lawfully used deadly force when he shot 23-year-old Raymond Silas to death.

Silas murdered his former girlfriend, 23-year-old Chelsea LaFernier, in her home January 22nd.

That night, Trooper Carter confronted Silas, shooting and killing him after a standoff.

O’Leary says he’s looked over police and FBI reports, autopsy reports, crime scene photographs and other evidence.

Anytime a Michigan law enforcement officer uses deadly force, the county prosecutor has to determine if it was used legally.