Service Groups Stretched Close to Breaking Point

Earlier this week, you may remember hearing state officials say that 1 out of every 9 people in the U.P. job market is out of a job.

Places like the Central U.P. Food Bank in Ishpeming try to help families in need.

But recently, they’re having a harder and harder time meeting everyone’s needs.

With the economy sluggish, everyone is feeling the effects, especially food banks and pantries.

The Central U.P. Food Bank ended 2008 with a pickup in donations.

But since the beginning of the year, donations have slowed way down.

Due to recent layoffs, there’s also a huge increase in need.

Generally, the Food Bank spends $2,000 per food drive.

But with a 30% increase in the number of new families coming in, their most recent drive cost $2,700.

The Food Bank normally runs pantry days on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month.

If you’d like to donate food or money to the Food Bank, you can call them at 485-4988.