U.P. Residents Reflect on President Obama

This is a day that tens of millions of Americans will never forget.

Many in the Upper Peninsula are counting themselves among that group on President Barack Obama’s inauguration day.

One of many inauguration parties around the U.P. and the nation took place over lunch in Marquette at the Landmark Inn.

The moment may be most poignant for young people.

One we spoke with says she’s eager to see what President Obama will do to aid the ailing job market.

Arayana Seiple-Welch says it’s a great thrill to be among so many other local residents on what she called the most historic day of her generation’s lifetime.

An NMU professor on hand to watch President Bush hand over the reins of power supported Hillary Clinton in the primaries but later changed her mind.

Dr. Louise Bourgault says she’d like to see President Obama tackle the Iraq War and Middle East peace.

She’s hopeful that this President’s election and inauguration may mean the country’s legacy of racism can slide farther into the past.

The NMU and Michigan Tech campuses were among many other locations that joined in with their own celebrations.

There are more on tap tonight during the new President’s inaugural ball.