MLK Day Marked with Community Movie

On the national holiday dedicated to one of the most beloved Americans ever, some are spending the occasion at the movies watching his civil-rights deeds come to life.

For the occasion of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Marquette’s Peter White Library was hosting a free movie screening.

The holiday selection was “Boycott”, a made-for-TV movie produced by HBO in 2001.

It deals with the 1955 Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott inspired by Rosa Parks and the role that Dr. King and others played in leading it.

It stars veteran character actor Jeffrey Wright playing Dr. King.

You may have seen Wright in movies like “Ali”, the 2004 “Manchurian Candidate” remake, “W.”, or the 2 most recent James Bond films.

Library staff often host free movie screenings by way of a special license that they pay for.

They show classic films twice a month.

They also have an ongoing Global Issues Series running all this year where all the films will have something to do with American dependence on foreign oil.