Scandinavian Midsummer Fest Looking for Help

Heikki Lunta Winterfest may be coming this weekend, but some people in the area are looking ahead to a Scandinavian celebration involving much warmer weather.

It’s Marquette’s Scandinavian Midsummer Festival.

Organizers got together today to plan out this year’s edition.

Besides trying to find sponsors for the 1-day event and volunteers to set it up and take it down, they’d like to see it become more of a pan-Scandinavian occasion.

Icelandic and Danish residents have been under-represented.

It’s been held every year since 1999 except for 2005, when Finn Grand Fest forced it to take a year off.

That means this will be the 10th annual edition.

They’re especially interested in attracting new forms of the arts, like theater and vocal groups.

The festival is on tap for June 20th at Presque Isle Park.

If you want to know more about it, or get involved in it, you can call 226-6834.