How to Improve Health Care?

How should the incoming Obama administration re-vamp the country’s health care system?

The President-Elect’s transition team is asking doctors, insurance carriers and hospital administrators how to do that.

U.P. residents get a chance to add to the discussion at Marquette General Hospital.

2 steps that many people mentioned — eliminating the profit motive as much as possible and cutting down on red tape.

The New England Journal of Medicine says the U.S. spends almost 6 times as much on insurance and health administration as other developed countries.

Another measure many spoke of — concentrating on preventative care.

The national think tank, the Brookings Institution, says out of every U.S. dollar spent on health care, only 4 cents are spent on prevention.

The Lake Superior Community Partnership organized the meeting.

It was the first discussion of its kind that anyone present could remember taking place in the Marquette area.

Many on hand were interested in having others like it.