Gipp Family Lawyer: Legal Fight Will Go On

The lawyer for relatives of Notre Dame football star George Gipp, who sued over Gipp’s remains being dug up, is vowing to continue the legal fight.

One of Gipp’s cousins had an appeal of his dismissed lawsuit denied by the state Court of Appeals.

George Gipp was a Laurium native who died of pneumonia in 1920.

Future President Ronald Reagan played him in the movie “Knute Rockne, All-American”.

In October 2007, Gipp’s body was exhumed in Calumet for DNA tests to see if he was the father of his girlfriend’s child.

The tests came back negative.

2 of his cousins sued everyone who approved of or performed the exhumation.

They also included ESPN, who had a camera crew on hand that day.

The cousins claimed workers disturbed the remains of Gipp’s sister by originally digging the wrong burial plot.