Additions to Forsyth Township Police

Forsyth Township is expecting to once again have police protetction 24 hours a day pretty soon.

The police force is in line to get a new chief of police and to add another uniformed officer.

The township board laid off one of their 5 police officers in late March for financial reasons.

That position is being brought back.

It’ll also now look for a successor for former longtime police chief Brad Arnsparger.

He resigned in July as part of a legal settlement.

Last year, he and the township agreed to that settlement.

It paid him $100,000 to dismiss a lawsuit the chief filed over his 2005 layoff.

The township had said his layoff was also due to tight finances.

Arnsparger claimed it was retaliation.

He alleged he was fired because of a surveillance video at a Wisconsin ShopKo store.

The video showed him lifting a heavy box after he filed a worker’s compensation claim and was away from his job on disability leave.

Sergeant Ron Kangas has been serving as acting chief.