Digital TV Test Tomorrow Night

The most important change to television since color is only 2 months away.

Every TV station in the U.P. is joining in an effort to test out the new change.

The FCC is forcing a stop to analog broadcasting in February.

That’s the way TV stations have sent out their picture and sound since the 1940s.

The new digital method is getting a test tomorrow night.

Every station in the U.P., including us and Public TV 13, is going to interrupt its programming.

We here at UGN News will be airing a message at 7:28, which Public TV 13 will also do.

They will also run a longer, later message with information on how to get your TV readt if you’re one of the folks at risk of losing service.

From shortly before 6 tomorrow night until 8pm, every station in the viewing area is going to show some kind of DTV message.