Superior Dome Getting New Turf

By the time the football season comes around next year, the NMU Wildcats will be playing on a new surface.

The current artificial turf at the Superior Dome is the original surface, in place since 1991.

It had an expected lifespan of about 10 years, so it’s more than lived up to that.

But there are cracks forming in it that can’t be fixed.

The exact timeline isn’t in place yet, but it takes about 6 months after the order is placed for it to be shipped and installed, so the order has to be made by February.

School administration told the board of trustees last week they’re shelling out about $1.8 million to buy the new turf.

That money will come from the school’s general fund, not the athletic department budget.

Several of NMU’s rivals in the GLIAC have done similar things recently.

Back in February, Michigan Tech’s Board of Control approved a plan to remove the sod from Sherman Field.

Artificial turf has been put in instead.