Gogebic County Packers Fans Out of Luck Again

Many of you Packer backers will remember last year, when the Packers-Cowboys Thursday-night game got blacked out in the U.P.

It was an NFL Network game, which isn’t available here.

Most of us still got a chance to see it anyway, but much of the western U.P. was left out.

The same thing may happen again very soon.

The Packers game a week from this Sunday will probably not be seen in the far western U.P.

When the Packers played the Chicago Bears a couple of weeks ago, fans in Gogebic County didn’t get to see it.

It happened because Fox was carrying both Packers and Vikings games that day.

Gogebic County is considered part of the Duluth, Minnesota TV market, not the Marquette market.

That means Charter Communications can’t televise games from Green Bay stations there.

A week from this Sunday, Fox is carrying both the Vikings and the Packers games.

That means the Vikings will once again have preference over the Packers in Minnesota TV markets.