Correction from Tuesday, 12/2

This is UGN News Director Mike Hoey writing here, and I have a correction to make.

Last night, we ran a story about a Delta County sheriff’s deputy being sentenced as a result of an assault case.

I made a mistake in that story.

Brian Lauscher has indeed received 6 months of probation, and he did receive the delay of sentence that we mentioned.

However, I also said that Lauscher had been charged with attacking a man in Gladstone with a baseball bat while off-duty.

That was a mistake on my part.

The attack did not involve a bat, or any other type of weapon.

I confused that aspect of the case with an assault in nearby Escanaba that, like Mr. Lauscher’s case, took place over the summer.

That other assault did involve a baseball bat.

I didn’t realize I had done this until this afternoon, when a viewer called me and brought it to my attention.

On behalf of our team at UGN News, I apologize for my error.

I also want to thank you, our viewers, for letting me know about it, because I do take ‘getting it right’ seriously.

I’ve also taken the liberty of correcting the story from yesterday on this website.

Thank you.