Jail Time & Probation for Deer Poacher

A Rapid River man caught poaching deer is serving jail time and losing his right to hunt.

50-year-old David Plante was arrested in late August for killing a deer out of season on the Stonington Peninsula.

He’s been sentenced to 100 days in jail, and he’s losing his right to hunt until 2012.

State police found an uncased rifle and 2 deer in Plante’s car.

He pleaded guilty to drunk driving, possessing a firearm while under the influence and the poaching charge.

Those are all misdemeanors.

Plante was given credit for the 3 months he’s already served, so he’ll be released from jail next week.

He’ll also spend the next year and a half on probation.

On the night of the poaching, Plante was with 33-year-old Timothy Johnson, also from Rapid River.

Johnson served 20 days in jail for poaching and is on probation for 2 years.