Prosecutor Race Recount December 15th

Election Day was 3 weeks ago now, but Marquette County residents won’t hear the last of it for at least another month.

The recount for the Prosecuting Attorney race will take place December 15th.

Cathy Church is a former assistant prosecutor.

She lost the race for the top job to longtime incumbent Gary Walker by about 1,800 votes.

Church has said she knows of at least 2 people in Sands Township whose votes were not counted, and she wants to see if there are more.

She filed paperwork with the county 2 weeks ago, asking for a manual recount.

With the size of the margin against her, it’s highly unlikely at best that the result would be different.

Church says she knows that but wants to make sure every vote gets to count.

The recount should cost about $5,000 in tax money.