U.P. Catholic Diocese Gears Up for Fundraising

The Catholic church in the U.P. is about to do something very ambitious on a scale it’s never tried before.

They asked around the U.P. earlier this year to see what kind of support there would be for a large capital fundraising campaign.

Nearly 90% of lay parishioners said they thought the diocese should have one.

The money would be used to implement Bishop Alexander Sample’s vision for the diocese.

It’s waiting for the economy to improve before kicking it off.

Some of the funding will go to the diocese’s Legacy of Faith endowment.

The rest will support goals like Catholic education, vocations and Catholic identity.

Diocese development director Terri Gadzinski says they’ve never done a capital campaign as wide-scale as this one will be.

Also, the diocese hasn’t done one at all in the 10 years she’s worked for it.