New Kindergarten Rules

Starting 2 years from now, Michigan kids will have to attend all-day kindergarten 5 days a week.

Many school systems are trying to gear up for that.

The Escanaba Area Public Schools are looking at 4 options.

One is to have all kindergarteners go all-day every day starting next fall.

There are space limitation issues with that choice, as well as higher costs.

Another option might be to get rid of readiness kindergarten.

It avoids the cost and space issues but would only be a 1-year fix, besides getting rid of a year of schooling that many kids could use.

The other 2 options would both mean losing some state funding.

Those are to have all-day on alternate days while keeping readiness kindergarten, or to leave things as they are, which is half-day every day.

The school board is talking about the issue further next month.