Marquette County ORV Ordinance

Marquette County is about to join many others in the U.P. in setting rules on where off-road vehicles can and can’t go.

A new state law rendered previous local ORV ordinances void.

The county board is voting on a new county ordinance tonight.

Individual communities can close roads within their borders.

Local riders say there won’t be any changes to the rules in where people can ride or where they can’t.

It’s still OK to ride an ORV on the shoulder of a local county road.

If you do ride on a shoulder, you’ve got to stay at 25 miles an hour or less.

ORVs can’t be used on a state or federal highway.

There are also fines of up to $1,000 for some offenses, like damaging a roadway.

Riders would also have to reimburse the costs of repairing the road.