Changes for Firearm Deer Season

With the unofficial Yooper national holiday just around the corner, many hunters are getting ready to head to their deer blinds on Saturday.

Along with buying a firearm license, hunters are facing some changes this year.

The state legislature has put new restrictions in place for certain bucks in the U.P.

Hunters have 2 options — stand-alone archery and firearm licenses, or a combination license.

Anyone with a stand-alone archery or firearm license is limited to one buck, but antler point restrictions for that buck won’t apply.

With change comes response, and some people are speaking out in favor of the restrictions.

Scott Ranta has been hunting for 13 years and is OK with the buck restrictions for the combo license.

Ron Bosworth has been hunting since the early-to-mid-’80s and, like others in today’s economy, he’s been laid off from his job and can’t continue the sport.

Even the DNR is noticing a difference in turnout.