Thunder Bay Inn Back in Business Soon

A nearly 100-year-old Marquette County landmark that had to close its doors earlier this year is very close to opening them again.

The Thunder Bay Inn in Big Bay went out of business 8 months ago, but it’s on the way back.

It now has new owners who’ve moved to the U.P. from Cheboygan.

They’re having a lot of work done on the place, especially the kitchen.

It’s just a few weeks away from being able to welcome guests again.

The restaurant should be open by the end of the month, with liquor licenses likely to come by the end of the year.

New general manager Duke Peacock says the goal is to offer 5-star cuisine and 5-star service.

The hotel is actually already taking bookings again.

Even more changes are in store for next year to ensure its survival, like a new roof and new carpeting.

Before the Thunder Bay Inn became an inn, it was once a vacation home for Henry Ford.

Many people know about it because 50 years ago, movie director Otto Preminger had some of the scenes for “Anatomy of a Murder” shot there.