Gift Shop Hop Tries to Keep Delta County Stores Busy

With the economy sluggish for business lately, Delta County shops are trying new ways to entice customers to keep shopping.

Northern Lodge Down Company is a store on US-2 in Escanaba.

With its cozy atmosphere and sugar-and-spice scents, it’s a customer’s dream come true.

Still, with the shaky economy, owner Pam Cavadeas has felt worries of her own.

To help keep local stores alive, Cavadeas started the first-ever Gift Shop Hop in Escanaba.

With 14 different stores, customers can check out shops they may have overlooked.

Customers receive a passport that gets stamped after visiting each store.

Anyone who visits all 14 stores within 9 days is entered into a raffle.

The prizes? A $25 gift certificate to each store and a $50 gas card.

Alysa Diebolt, an NMU student and local artist for Northern Lodge, knows that many people miss out on the treasures Delta County stores offer because some of them are in out-of-the-way places.

With the Gift Shop Hop having a wide range of stores included, other store owners hope the event can give businesses across Delta County more exposure.

For more about the Gift Shop Hop, you can call Pam Cavadeas at 789-9300.