No Charges from Fatal Chassell Hit-and-Run

The elderly driver involved in a wreck a month ago that killed a 2-year-old boy won’t face any criminal charges.

86-year-old Wilfred Torvinen of Chassell got into the wreck on US-41 in Chassell near Massie Road.

2-year-old Dylan DeForge had wandered out of his family’s enclosed yard onto the highway.

He died of his injuries a few hours after getting hit.

Torvinen passed a medical checkup the week before.

He was driving under the speed limit at the time of the collision.

Officials say Torvinen thought he’d hit an animal.

When he turned around to check, he couldn’t see anything lying in the road and only found a small dent on his car.

Police say Torvinen didn’t know he’d hit a child until several days later, when he learned there was a search for the driver.

Torvinen contacted police after realizing he was probably the one they were looking for.