Accidental Delta County Shooter Pleads Guilty

A Delta County woman pleads guilty to a misdemeanor from a hunting accident.

65-year-old Stella Norman of Rock has pleaded guilty to attempted careless or reckless use of a firearm, causing injury.

The accident happened on private land in Maple Ridge Township 3 weeks ago.

She was riding on a 4-wheeler when she shot at a partridge, and she says she never saw or heard 3 people who were picking apples less than 50 yards away.

40-year-old Richard Koski of Rockvale, Tennessee was there with his father and his son.

Koski was show in the side of both his head and body.

His father is from Gladstone.

State police say a pellet went through his jacket, too, and ricocheted off his belt.

Norman will be sentenced December 15th.

She could face up to a year in jail, a $1,000 fine or both.