Making a Difference for U.S. Troops

As we mentioned Thursday on UGN News, tomorrow is Make a Difference Day across the country.

It’s a time to encourage community involvement through volunteering.

However, a local woman has really taken the idea to heart.

U.S. troops are likely glad she did.

Sherry Nutt has 2 sons and 2 daughters-in-law in the military.

One of each is in Iraq right now.

Ever since the 1991 Gulf War, she’s taken the time to send thank-you cards and goodies to American soldiers overseas.

Tomorrow, on Make a Difference Day, she’ll be at it again, trying to live up to that name.

She’s packing gift boxes with goodies she’s gathered all year long and mailing as many cards as she can.

Sherry will be at the ‘W’ at Sawyer from 9 to 5 tomorrow.

She sent out 44,000 cards last year and about 125 gift boxes.

If she can get some help, she’s looking to do at least that many of each once again this time.