Improving Muslim-Christian Relations

A visitor from the largest Muslim mosque in the country is trying to change the way many Americans look at Muslims.

Imam Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini met with the congregagtion at St. Paul Episcopal Church in Marquette.

He spoke about how many Americans misinterpret Islam based on negative media images and lack of education.

Many Americans view Islam as a threat rather than as connected with Christianity.

Al-Qazwini also pointed out that there are extremists in every kind of large group and they only make up a tiny portion of that group.

Many Americans only see the negative image of Islam.

By conversing with each other like today, Al-Qazwini hopes a joint effort between Christians and Muslims can help break the tension between them.

Al-Qazwini is a scholar and religious leader with the Islamic Center of America.

It’s in Dearborn, and it’s the largest mosque in the United States.