High Demand for Electric Line Workers

It’s certainly no secret that industry is hurting all over Michigan, and particularly in the U.P.

Still, there’s an effort to create new interest in a career field that’s in high demand and also offers better-than-average pay and benefits.

It’s work as an engineering technician on electric lines.

NMU runs a line tech training program at K.I. Sawyer.

The Lake Superior Community Partnership hosted an open house this afternoon where students got to show off what they’re learning.

Bill Mattila says after the spring semester ends in April, there should be apprentice opportunities out there for him.

Those apprenticeships allow for a pretty good living — $22 an hour or so locally — with better pay as a journeyman after a few years.

Of course, that’s assuming you don’t mind climbing all day while carrying heavy equipment in all weather extremes, from summer heat to U.P. blizzards.