Emerald Ash Borer Has Been in U.P. for Years

Apparently, the type of beetle famous across the Midwest for killing ash trees has been nestling in the Copper Country for years.

That’s according to a Michigan Tech professor.

Andrew Storer is a professor of forest insect ecology there.

He says the emerald ash borer has been in Laurium since 2002 at the latest.

There was an infestation reported this summer near the village’s senior housing complex.

2002 is when the emerald ash borer was first found in Michigan.

However, Storer says it had already been in the Detroit area for at least 10 years before that.

He believes its slow spread in the U.P. is because of the area’s low population density and cold climate.

Houghton and Keweenaw Counties have been under quarantine for 6 weeks now.

That’s after the beetle was found in a cemetery in Calumet, as well as that other sighting in Laurium.