Office Building Safe Again After Gas Leak

An abandoned office building on US-2 is safe again after a natural gas leak 2 nights ago.

It’s the former Bob’s Homes building in Iron Mountain.

The gas smell was first noticed at about 9 Central time Sunday night from the Arby’s restaurant in Breitung Township.

That’s right across the road from the office building.

Township fire crews tracked the smell to the Iron Mountain side of the highway and called city crews to the area.

When they opened the door, they say there was enough gas in the building to trigger an explosion.

Firefighters deployed a hose, opened the windows and set up fans to bring fresh air in.

The gas company also dug 2 holes to pinch the underground lines.

The building is still being ventilated because there’s still gas inside, but fire officials say there’s a low enough amount left in the building for it to be considered safe.