Spinal Healthcare Month in Michigan

It’s not just Breast Cancer Awareness Month across the country.

October is also a time to recognize the importance of a type of health care many people overlook.

Governor Jennifer Granholm has set aside October as Spinal Healthcare Month in Michigan.

Chiropractors across the state helped make that happen.

The idea is to help show people the critical role chiropractic care plays alongside regular medical checkups.

The proper working of the nervous system, which starts with the spine, affects kids’ ability to grow and develop.

It may also affect how quickly we all recover from disease.

Dr. Guy Lasich of Family Wellness Chiropractic in Marquette says there’s a lot of research out about what chiropractic does for the immune system.

He says one of the more recent studies from New York University suggested regular chiropractic care boosts immune function by 200 to 400%.