Camp Manistique May Be Re-Used

Schoolcraft County is one of many areas of the U.P. that could use a new jail.

So, county officials are looking into re-opening Camp Manistique and moving the inmates there.

The Department of Corrections closed the camp last fall, but the U.P. regional jail study that’s going on for the rest of the year included the 15-year-old facility.

It’s looked at using the former prison camp to replace the existing Schoolcraft County Jail.

Engineers and architects have toured the camp to see if its physical layout would work.

County officials say they’re still looking at costs, but they also say that at the moment, renovating Camp Manistique looks like the best option.

If it’s renovated, the county is hoping the state will cover the cost.

The study is also looking at Mangum Farm in Harvey, which closed in 2004.