Small Break on Marquette County Millage

If you own a home in Marquette County, you’re getting a bit of a break on your property taxes this fiscal year.

The county board has cut the millage rate from 7.5 mills to 7.47.

The total county budget for fiscal 2009 will be just under $47 million.

That’s up about 5% from this year.

However, starting New Year’s Day, the county is no longer going to be a part of UPSET, the U.P. Substance Enforcement Team.

UPSET has lost much of its federal funding this year.

The county is going to spend the same money on a sheriff’s deputy to work for UPSET that it’s already spending.

However, that doesn’t cover $86,000 in lost funding for UPSET that Marquette County would have to compensate for if it were to stay with the anti-drug task force.