City Council Readies for Moose Fallout

2 days ago, a family of moose made its way through most of Ishpeming, and the mother didn’t survive the experience.

Tonight, the city council is expecting to hear public outcry over how police handled the situation.

Police Chief Jim Bjorne ordered the mother to be put down Monday aftermoon after efforts to lead her out of populated areas failed.

Many residents of the city, the U.P. as a whole and some from downstate are angry about that.

City officials say they’ve gotten a lot of phone calls and e-mails.

Chief Bjorne says concern for public safety is what led him to decide the cow moose needed to die.

Yesterday, he also blamed the onlookers who wanted to get a glimpse of her and her 2 calves for making the decision neccesary.

The city council meets at 7 tonight.