Young U.P. minds develop science marvels of the future

Young U.P. minds develop science marvels of the future

HOUGHTON — Have you ever wondered what type of cup keeps your pop the coolest? ABC 10’s Rick Allen has the answer to that and more from a science fair held at Michigan Tech.

One day, these young minds will be developing the science marvels of the future. The 18th Annual Western U.P. Science Fair and Science and Engineering Festival showcased science projects by students from around the Copper Country. The event is for students in 4th through 8th grade.

Director for the Western U.P. Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education Shawn Oppliger said, “The projects really come from the kids because they’re interviewed by judges and that really helps us know what projects are done by the kids and what projects might be done by parents, and so they know they’re going to be interviewed, so they have to know a lot about their project and they have to conduct the project.”

4th graders Marissa Sullivan and Anna Black of Lake–Linden Hubbell Elementary did their project on what type of cup keeps pop cooler longer.

Anna explained how they conducted their experiments, “We had to pour Squirt into a paper cup, a plastic cup and a Styrofoam cup and measure the starting temperatures and then we waited for two hours and then we recorded the temperatures.” And the result. Anna said, “A Styrofoam cup will keep pop cooler longer.”

Students who received bronze, silver or gold rating at the science fair will have their projects displayed at the Carnegie Museum in Houghton.