Yoopers using their product locally on roundabout project

Yoopers using their product locally on roundabout project

ISHPEMING — Construction for the roundabout projects in Ishpeming has begun. A unique device made by two Escanaba entrepreneurs is working to create a smoother, faster and safer process.

As of right now, workers are relocating phone cables so they are not in conflict or get hit by any excavation as the roundabouts go in. Moving approximately 2,000 feet of wire holds its challenges. The KD Lift being used helps the workers, and traffic through the process.

“We’re able to get into nice tight spots and all these tight areas with less congestion,” said KD Lift CEO/Founder Jason Keast, “no trailer on it right now for the smaller reels that we’re using to put the fiber in.”

“The KD Lift has made it possible for me to just back up my truck right over any hole that I have, or any tight areas,” said KD Lift CFO/Co–Founder Jim Destefano, “we can do much more work with a lot less. I work midnight until six in the morning usually because fiber can’t be cut during the day. There’s a lot of information being thrown over that. So I’m able to pull up in the yard as a single person, load my reel of fiber, get it out here, get the product into the ground, fuse it up, and get home. Which saves a lot of time.”

The KD Lift is proudly manufactured in Escanaba and a client of Invent@NMU. Stay with us for updates as the roundabout project moves along.

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