YMCA offers Snow Day Program

YMCA offers Snow Day Program

Working parents are scrambling to find alternative day care for their kids due to school cancellations across the Upper Peninsula.

The YMCA has instituted a Snow Day Program where parents can bring their kids in for supervision starting at 7:30am until 5:30pm.

Employees say although it is a bit more work, it’s also a bit more entertaining.

“It’s a lot more fun when it’s more kids because the kids get to interact with each other and it’s a lot easier to play a lot of the tag games,” YMCA Food and Fun Program Director Courtney Russell said.  “The kids seem to have a lot more fun when it’s a lot of them.  Some of the kids only see each other when they have snow days or it’s a day camp so it’s like a mini reunion for a lot of our kids.”

“We have a bunch of different crafts, games for them to play with.  Camp games, they can run around and play tag in the gym.  We also have the kids gym which has a lot of our gymnastic mats which the kids really enjoy and they also get to go swimming as well,” she said.

There is a cost for the YMCA Snow Day Program, but members receive a discount.

For more information, call your local YMCA or visit their website.

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