New snow welcomes U.P tourism

New snow welcomes U.P tourism

HOUGHTON — It didn’t take long for snowmobilers to flock to the area after the recent snowstorm. ABC 10’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen has more on the good news it brings for local businesses.

30 inches of snow will make life hard on anyone, but as usual people in the Copper Country find ways to make the best of it.
Since the season’s biggest storm struck the U.P. ten days ago, snowmobilers have begun to flock to the area.

The winter tourism season had been somewhat sluggish so far which had many local businesses concerned.

“I think all of us were, the restaurants hurt because we’re a tourism–based community and so there’s not people out there spending money in the restaurants, spending money in the shops or in hotels, for that matter,” said AmericInn Manager Dianne St. Amour, So, I think everybody kind of felt the late start to winter, so hopefully now they are reaping the rewards of the white gold, as we call it.”

Since the storm the AmericInn in Calumet has seen a boost of roughly fifty percent mostly from snowmobilers. And businesses should be able to continue to reap the benefits that the snow brings for the next couple month unless, of course it melts.

“Well, I don’t think the snow is ever going to melt. I think we’ll be sledding or skiing until May this year, but, no, I think the winter is looking good. We’re anticipating more snow, so, bring ’em on.”