Winter Carnival statues draw people from all 50 states

Winter Carnival statues draw people from all 50 states

HOUGHTON — Now that the dust and the snow has settled from the All–Nighter, the public got their first look at the finished snow statues. ABC 10’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen has the story.

The snow statues of Michigan Tech’s Winter Carnival draw people from all 50 states, so it’s perfect that this year’s theme celebrated each and every one of them.

The theme for this year is “As snow accumulates at alarming rates, we show our love for the fifty states.”
There are 21 statues in the month–long contest this year.

Phi Kappa Tau chose to do their statue on the state of New York. Phi Kappa Tau’s Jake Jurkowski said, “It really represented all of the nation, coming to America and how this nation was founded under all the immigrants and the different cultures and we thought it well–represented the 50 states and our love for America.”

There was a change to how the statues were judged this year. Instead of different categories for fraternities, sororities and student organizations, groups were separated into Classes, depending on how many events they have entered.
But winning isn’t everything.

Jurkowski said, “When you’re over with All–Nighter and you’re sitting in the parking lot, looking at what you just did, it’s just an overwhelming feeling of just gratitude and it’s just so great to see.”

Even if the statue isn’t exactly one of the 50 states.