Winter Carnival festivities begin

Winter Carnival festivities begin

HOUGHTON — There’s a party on Michigan Tech’s campus this weekend.

Winter Carnival is underway at Michigan Tech. As usual, festivities kicked off with the Carnival All-Nighter. This year’s theme is “As snow accumulates at alarming rates, we show our love for the fifty states.”

Snow statues are the main event at the campus party. These teams work on their snow creations from 4pm Wednesday until 8am on Thursday. Fitting with the theme, one on-campus team built a Niagara Falls statue. Alexandra Walker says the team has been working well together.

Walker said, “Everyone is communicating really well. Even though the majority of us are first-years who have never done this before, everyone is having ideas and honestly reacting to each other’s ideas. And so far we came up with a really efficient system for making our forms. Everyone’s been really constructive with each other.”

For some students, statues aren’t the main focus of Winter Carnival. Hope Gockenbach says her favorite activity is broomball.

Gockenbach said, “I think broomball is a really fun part for me. I am playing broomball for the first time this year. So, just sort of getting used to how the game goes. But I also just like the comradery and how our team works together. It’s just a really kind of silly but super fun game to play and it gets really competitive too.”

Tech’s clubs and organizations host their own activities throughout campus. The Huskies Pep Band builds a mini golf course out of snow and ice. Other organizations sold snacks as fundraisers.

Winter Carnival activities continue all weekend long at Michigan Tech.