Wildcats begin spring practices at the Dome

Wildcats begin spring practices at the Dome

MARQUETTE — Basketball and hockey have been the main topics of discussion locally for the past three months. But this past weekend, football made its triumphant return as the Northern Michigan football team returned for the start of spring practices and the team says it’s a very exciting time at Northern.

“It feels pretty good. We had a lot of workouts during the off–season. Early mornings with no football so it’s finally nice to get back out with the guys and do what you love,” Wildcats quarterback Shaye Brown said.

“It’s always great when you finally can practice. My impressions are just the energy level is so high right now. When you just have your helmets on, it’s tough to deifier because you’re not playing real football. You’re not tackling and there’s no pads. But the energy is extraordinary,” said Wildcats head coach Chris Ostrowsky.

The Wildcats are coming off a season where they went 5–6 overall, their best since 2010, and 4–6 within the conference. With the new season less than six months away, the team hopes to accomplish a lot during the spring practices.

“I think you got to really clear the picture up, depth chart–wise, in regards to who those two’s and three’s are. Fundamentally, clearly you want to take a step forward and I think if we can do a great job evaluating as a football staff, and then get a little better fundamentally this spring, I think we accomplished our objective,” Ostrowsky said.

“We play every day during spring like we’re playing for a championship and I think that’s really going to carry over into the season. We’re just going to work day by day and once the season comes, we’ll conquer it then,” said Brown.

The practices will go on for another three weeks, culminating in the annual spring game on Saturday April 9th at 3pm.