Want to hold an owl? Here’s how

Want to hold an owl? Here’s how

MARQUETTE — Two organizations that focus on caring for their clients and rescuing them from bad situations are teaming together to auction a unique experience to the public. ABC 10’s Sarah Mac has more.

It may be cool to see wildlife from a distance, but what if you had the chance to see it up close? And I mean “up close.”

The Chocolay Raptor Center is auctioning off a once in a lifetime experience to benefit the Women’s Center’s Harbor House in Marquette.

So what’s up for grabs?

Oh nothing… except a chance to release a rescued Snowy Owl back into the wild!

Co-Founder of the Chocolay Raptor Center Bob Jensen says, “We’re very excited about this. This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer, of a release of a Snowy Owl by someone who bids the highest at this auction.”

The Harbor House acts as a home for women and children who are survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

“Home Sweet Home.” It’s more of a feeling than a saying – one that crosses communities, cultures and even species.

Executive Director of the Women’s Center Beth Casady says, “Well I think what, in many ways, how we’re alike is that we do work on rehabilitating injured species, and when you think of a domestic violence situation, and the shelter that we have, this traumatizes women and their children. I think it’s a very good collaboration symbolically.”

“Both of our organizations are in the business of rescuing injured beings,” added Jensen.

According to Casady the Harbor House has 12 residents on average, with an average stay of 90 days. This fundraiser will help with necessary refurbishments.

The auction opens on the Chocolay Raptor Center’s Facebook page at noon on March 25th and starts at $400 with increments of $25. Bidding closes at 8:00 p.m. on March 30th.

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