UPSSA high school football polls released today

UPSSA high school football polls released today

The final UPSSA high school football polls were released today and Lake Linden-Hubbell is in a perfect position.

The Lakes went undefeated this season and they are at the top of the Little Five rankings. St. Ignace ends the season with one loss so they’re in second, but I do want to mention that the one loss was to Ishpeming.

Forest Park is third with a 5-3 record, one of those wins was against Munising who finished as the #5 team, but one of those losses was to the #4 team, Bark River-Harris. In the Division 8 state rankings, St. Ignace finished #2 and Lake Linden-Hubbell finished #5.

All five of these teams will be in playoff action this weekend.

The Menominee Maroons finish the regular season #1, a spot they’ve held all season, going undefeated at 9-0. Ishpeming finished undefeated as well, but they only played in 8 games so they settled for the number two spot. Negaunee comes in at number 3, after a brief stint at #4 as they finish the season 7-2.

Kingsford is at number 4 with a 6-3 record. Escanaba jumps in at number 5 following their huge road win over the Flivvers in the final week of the season.
In the final state rankings, the Maroons finished on top of the Division 5 rankings and the Hematites end the regular season as the #2 team in the Division 7 ranks.

In the 8 man rankings, North Central ends the season as the top team in the U.P., as well as the entire state of Michigan. Engadine and Cedarville finish at 7-2 and they are second and third respectively.

Pickford is fourth and Rapid River is fifth.

1. Menominee (5) 9-0 33
2. Ishpeming (2) 8-0 30
3. Negaunee 7-2 16
4. Kingsford 6-3 14
5. Escanaba 5-4 6

OTHERS: Iron Mountain (6-3) 4, Calumet (7-2) 2.

1. LL-Hubbell (5) 9-0 33
2. St. Ignace (2) 8-1 29
3. Forest Park 5-3 17
4. BR-Harris 7-2 16
5. Munising 7-2 8

OTHER: Newberry (6-3) 2.

1. North Central (7) 9-0 35
2. Engadine 7-2 28
3. Cedarville 7-2 21
4. Pickford 6-3 9
5. Rapid River 6-3 8

OTHER: Stephenson (5-4) 4.

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