UPPCO to start annual water level drawdowns soon

UPPCO to start annual water level drawdowns soon

MARQUETTE — We may be in the midst of winter but the Upper Peninsula Power Company is already looking ahead to the spring.

UPPCO officials are in the early stages of lowering water levels at its hydroelectric reservoirs. This process is part of UPPCO’s license requirements with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Officials lower the water levels at these locations to make room for melting snow and springtime rain.

“Typically a drawdown is anywhere between 6–10 feet at the main reservoirs,” said Jim Melchiori, who works for UPPCO. “Some of the lakes are typically drown down in the area of a foot to two feet. For most of the sites, are drawdowns will be wrapped up in February and when I say that, that would be Victoria and Bond Falls.”

UPPCO plans on having the water levels at the Prickett Hydro Dam in Baraga County down to the proper levels by the middle or end of March.

Officials say the water reservoirs should be at their normal water levels in April.