Undersheriff offers sympathies to fallen deputies

Undersheriff offers sympathies to fallen deputies

Marquette– After yesterday’s shooting in Lower Michigan, Marquette County Undersheriff Mike Klein offered some sympathies for the fallen deputies.

Three people died in the Berrien County Courthouse, including the shooter, after an inmate was able to grab a deputy’s gun.

Klein said that in Marquette County, inmates taken into court are held in ankle and belly chains to restrict their movement. Undersheriff Klein added that these are procedures that need to be strictly followed.

The Undersheriff also said that the department was horrified that a shooting happened in a courtroom and that their thoughts and prayers are with the fallen officers.

“In shock, everyone here, you know their…thoughts and prayers go out the people who were involved.” Klein said, “You know we try to do a great job everyday for the citizens of Marquette County.”

The Marquette County Sheriffs Department is wearing black straps across their badges in honor the fallen officers. He said “to have a brother or sister go down in the line of duty doing their job is just tragic for everyone involved.”

The department had a meeting this morning to address the downstate courtroom situation. However, Undersheriff Klein does not believe their security protocol for court will change.